EARLY DATA is a digital market intelligence agency

We specialize in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to capture, process, and analyze big data. We provide customers from different industries (FMCG, food and beverage, nutrition and health care, beauty and skin care, maternal and child products, etc.)  with a variety of reports and solutions.

Products & Services

Tracking industry trends, sales performance, and online market shares to help enterprises make faster, more accurate decisions
Identifying social trends, analyzing consumer sentiment and exploring deeper industry opportunities for our clients
Analyzing online delivery, menu, and food service review data to unlock the latest F&B trends in the market
Reporting online market movements within the pharmaceutical industry

Our Tech

(Optical Character Recognition)

Extracting text from images,
from marketing claims to
product & promotional details

(Natural Language Processing)

Proprietary algorithms to
intelligently analyze and
label industry contents

(Robotic Process Automation)

Automating business
processes with business
logic and structured inputs

(Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning)

Developing business ready
applications that continue to learn
and improve on their own