Macro & micro performance data for your entire online category. EARLY DATA’s digital commerce solution reports sales, pricing, and more for all manufactures, brands, stores, segments, and items. Pre-set reports will help you explore, understand, and win your online category.

Category Monitoring

Access to historical, current and future market trends within your target categories.
Gain immediate visibility into your eCommerce market based on harmonized brand, manufacturer, category & item definitions across all the leading platforms.

EARLY DATA’s intelligent cloud-based dashboarding platform, DATACOMPASS, allows users to access online performance & insights from anywhere.

  • Analysis of categories and sub-categories
  • Manufacturer and brand shares
  • Platform sales
  • Segment data, hot brands, hot items
  • New item analysis

Price Monitoring

Track online pricing & promotional details for internal compliance and to better understand competitive pricing strategy.

  • Ensure online shops are following your brand’s pricing rules
  • Protect your bottom line
  • Real-time price alerts through email or WeChat
  • Post-promotion pricing calculations
  • Competitor price & promo tracking
  • Monitor thousands of online prices every hour